No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 10 | Farewell to Arms show review

concert at Carleton U.

"A day for Disarmament" concert was held by the Carleton Student's Council. What a great idea! What a great event! What a great sound system! (Provided by Wall Sound Systems) What a lousy turnout! (400 maximum head count.)

Publicity was a bit poor. Not enough postering or word of mouth. But the whole day was beautiful. Between bands we played soccer and listened to great ideas from Jim Starks who head Operation Dismantle, Jamie Scott ( a co-ordinator for the October 30th Demonstration against the Cruise Missile on Parliament Hill ) and Mayor Marion Dewar. There was lots of great info at the event.

UNITY opened the afternoon with a clean tight reggae sound. The bassist had a lot of charisma but was stereotyped into the Marley image. BUGS HARVEY OSWALD played the best set I've ever seen them play. Phil's cool condescending mannerisms took second place to the band's driving rhythms this time around. The other famous folk acts were good too, with first prize going to Valdey's off-the-cuff remarks and all-embracing stage presence.

This one big question remains: if Ottawa can't get off its lazy ass to come to a concert, how the hell are we gonna help force Canada out of the nuclear arms race? Please send possible solutions to N.C.F.C.


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