No Cause for Concern? Issue #2 | May 1982 | Page 5 | Commentary

There used to be a great pride taken when you said you were a punk but now there seems to be a pause, a hesitation of sorts. It appears to have a lot to do with lack of communication and understanding within the group as a whole.

Rock Against Racism used to be able to bring people together not as enemies or friends but as a group fighting for one cause. The more I look around it seems that a certain percent of the new blood -- without even realizing it -- have a fascist was of thinking, to a certain extent. There can be no denial that everyone has prejudices of their own but when racism becomes rampant, destruction is in the cards.

We also seem to have a problem with people who persist in destroying other people property. The Easter Beaver [show] seems to be the perfect example of this. One or more persons destroyed the latter part of the evening for everyone there and even more so for those who put on the show. I dare anyone to give me a plausible excuse for it.

Another minor but irritating thing is the continuous bullshit of rumours. To the people that thrive on them: when are you going to learn to face the realities of life? There is no apparent reason for dragging people into non-existent fables.

As for this so-called "dancing" -- literally throwing people all over the place -- [...]. It may be fun for some but try to remember you're not the only one there and give the others some consideration.

We need to pull together as a group and it seems that the only way to do that is if everyone listens to what the other is saying, not necessarily agreeing but at least trying to understand what is being said, that is my opinion anyway.

- Sheena Zombie

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