No Cause for Concern? Issue #3 | June 1982 | Page 2 | Editorial + Credits



No Cause For Concern? has actually made it to it's third issue which isn't much except when you consider the average life span of Ottawa fanzines. We hope to keep printing these things because we feel that we and others like us have something to say and this sort of mag is a good way to letting people know what's going on.

The original concept for NCFC was for it to be an informative, thought provoking and perhaps at times controversial mag. If you notice the title you'll see that there IS a question mark there. We are not making the statement that there is no cause for concern, we are asking if there is. We obviously feel there is because the title implies a positive answer and we'd like to hear your opinions on that too. We can't sit here and put out the fanzine without getting your input so if you want to say anything (and we mean anything), we'll see about getting it into a future issue. So give us a call or send your stuff to:



This issue is brought to you by:

Janine Frenken
Dave Champion
Sheila Boyde

With special thanks to:
Vig, Peter Botman, Target 21, Maggie, Jennifer, Sue, Chris and everyone who gave us their Top 10s.


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