No Cause for Concern? Issue #4 | July 1982 | Page 14 | CKCU's "No Future Now"

CKCU's "No Future Now"

Last night I took my second listen to Roch Parisien's CKCU program "No Future Now" (every Monday night at 10:00pm) because someone told me he'd be talking to the Angry Raisins. Rock said for this show he was going to deal with Canadian bands, specifically local bands yet he opened and closed the show with cuts from AMERICAN bands which I found rather odd.

Rock talked briefly abut Youth Culture Promotions and their "Beaver" shows then went into a track by the Subverts from Chicago. After that he got into the local bands but unfortunately his main source of music was from the live "Spring Beaver" show recorded in March at the Paradise. As we've said before, the quality of these recordings leaves a lot to be desired. From these tapes we heard the RandyPeters, Attention Span, the Angry Raisins (all local bands) and The Young Lions from T.O. Why he chose to play tracks of The Young Lions live at the Beaver when he has a perfectly good tape of them, I don't know. Roch also played some of Target 21's studio tape and the Raisin's home recording and talked very briefly with Frank from the Angry Raisins then closed with Agent Orange, a California band.

So in one hour we heard four local bands. Maybe that's all the recorded music he had available (and pretty shitty at that) but it would have been nice if he could have mentioned that there are other bands that exist in Ottawa that play "alternative' music such as Burnt Offerings, Something Red, Zombie X-terminators, Civil Terror to name a few.

I'm glad he gave those bands some airplay but there's so much more to the Ottawa scene than just that. I suppose if you want to hear them, you'll have to go out and have a listen yourself.

- J.F.

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