No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 3 | stuff

Rumour has it that Robo, ex-BLACK FLAG is now bashing the skins for the MISFITS **** CHUCK BISCUITS is definitely drumming for BLACK FLAG now **** The SUBHUMANS played their last gig on September 3rd in Vancouver drawing people from as far as Calgary and California **** Wimpy is now playing bass for D.O.A. and Dimwit is playing drums for them **** Check out the back cover of the new EX album, remind you of anyone? **** The RANDYPETERS, PORCELAIN FOREHEAD, the BLUE ANGELS, and ROCK OF GIBRALTAR will be playing a Yes Campaign Benefit at the Roxy on October 10th **** Excuse the Zombie X-terminators "update" on page 6. it's "TOTAL BULLSHIT", sorry guys... **** Y.C.P. plans on holding a pre-christmas bash in early December with nine bands (3­4 from out of town, the rest local), watch for it! **** Happy Birthdays to you, Maggie, Sheila and my daddy.

(the end)

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