No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 14 | Social Unrest record review

Social Unrest

"Rat in a Maze" e.p.

Picked this up today at the recommendation of a friend ("I said: BUY THIS!!") and I was guaranteed I would like it. He was right. It's great. Social Unrest's "Rat in a Maze" is a 7-song e.p. from a California band that plays good thrash with enough style to keep from sounding like many other indistinguishable thrash bands. Lyrically, most of the songs have something intelligent to say and the lead singer, Creetin K-OS, has a unique voice and he does this neat thing with it that I can't describe. All the songs are excellent (I haven't picked a favorite yet) event he slow one -- which really isn't slow, just slower than the rest -- is great.

My recommendation: BUY THIS!!

- D.C.

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