No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 21 | Dub Rifles e.p. review

Dub Rifles

Got a copy of the Dub Rifles' ep yesterday (just in time for this issue) and it's a nice break from all the hardcore I've been listening to lately. Dub rifles is a five-piece band from Winnipeg that plays a sort of jazz/funk brand of music. Actually, it's faster than jazz or funk but the influence is very noticeable even in their ska-ish song "Number One".

Overall it's a very well produced ep, good clean sound, excellent sax (both of them) and I'm beginning to get rather fond of it.

Their fanzine/newsletter, "Boom", says they're almost out of copies of the ep but another pressing is due. Maybe they'll have some copies when they play the Roxy December 8-11. At any rate, a new single is planned after their tour. (Dub Rifles is: Colin Bryce - vocals, guitar; Clint Bowman - bass; Sid Challenger - tenor sax; Eloi Bertholet - drums, vocals; Dave Brow - alto, tenor sax.) Watch for them.

- J.F.

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