No Cause for Concern? Issue #7 | March 1983 | Page 4 | Letter

[Got this in response to the "Is Anarchy Bullshit?" article that ran in issue #6.]

Anarchy and Peace Can't Live Together

It's a contradiction of terms. If you have no authority or laws, how can you expect to have peace?

Max Stirner, a prominent anarchist, once said, "The individual must do everything for personal need, an egotistical satisfaction." Stirner even applies this to murder. That's peace???

You people are like the hippies were fifteen years ago. Peace and harmony, etc. This is what the punks were so pissed off about in the first place. It sounds nice but it is totally unrealistic.You've got to come back down to earth and stop thinking how nice it would be if we could all live together as brothers, and start thinking about more imminent problems like unemployment and poverty.

The original idea of the movement seems to have been forgotten. It was rebelling against societies ideas and conformity, not going to work from nine to five, not listening to commercial shit on the radio. Now what you're saying is that we should overthrow the government, the military and the police force. This is rather amusing because hardly any of you ever turn out to help or show your support for these campaigns. The reason behind this is that most of you don't mean what you say or have not or have never never sat down and thought consciously about it. The only reason it seems like such a prominent cause is because it is cool and fashionable to think this way. And the people who support it --

...wearing a jacket, on the back is an anarchy logo super-imposed or next to a peace sing; the owner, a fourteen year old child with 'Crass" scrawled on his ripped pants, living with mommy and daddy, complaining about police oppression, HA! They're not even old enough to get a parking ticket.

I think it is time that everyone had a good look around to see what is really going around Ottawa. If you really are serious about nuclear disarmament etc. then I suggest you channel your youthful energy into one of the groups set up in the area. I'm sure your help would be greatly appreciated, only, of course, if you dress nicely. They don't want you if you're not. If you are not serious then stop pretending you are. Try and admit you just like the music. That's nothing to be ashamed about.

- Phil Nicholson (inspired by Commander Salamander)

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