No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 3 | letter #2

[letter to the editor]

In response to: "Anarchy and Peace Can't Live Together"

I'm not going to take a side here cause I'm not really sure which one to take yet, but just a few comments on your letter.

Isn't it kind of sad to think that man living in peace and harmony with other man is totally unrealistic, are we all doomed to live lives full of hate and contempt towards those around us? I don't really like the thought of never seeing the end to hate and was in the world I live in, maybe I should just go outside and commit suicide seeing as there's no hope?

For some reason or other, maybe I'm just weird, I seem to be able to think about peace, harmony, and also poverty, unemployment at the same time. Can't people think about them at the same time and for solutions to both?

Yeah Phil, unfortunately there are a lot of people who like to do things that they think are fashionable and cool, but I'm sure that there are a great number of people out there in Ottawa that believe in what they say and don't do it because they think it might be the trendy thing to do. It's unfortunate that there are a few who spoil it for the rest.

I think you'll find Phil that there are a lot of youth (for lack of a better word, you wouldn't like "kids", would you?) that are getting out and channeling their energy into such groups.

Finally Phil, it is again unfortunate to see that people can only judge others on their appearance. I'm not so sure I'd really like to work with a group that can only judge people by their appearance, and not by their interest, effort, determination and knowledge (and I don't even dress that differently).

Oh well Phil, if there's only hate, war and judging books by the cover, I guess I'd better end it all, either I wasn't taught properly or I'm just not manly enough to survive in this world.

Mike Lilley, inspired by Phil Nicholson

P.S. I like the music and the ideas!

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