No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 3 | letter #3

[letter to the editor]

To whom it may concern (I guess anyone interested in this fanzine):

Hello, I've got some questions, comments, etc., on the (dare I say it) "punk" scene in our great little city.

Firstly, I feel this 'zine (for as much as I know about them) is really good: put together well, multi-dimensional, and so far, UN-biased. I loved the editorial of the last issue (#7, March) dealing with the handling of "punk" issues in the media. I agree one hundred percent with the somewhat sarcastic (an understatement) view of the Quincy episode. I, too, was a lucky viewer that evening to actually be informed about this 'killer' that the obvious experts (a coroner and a fazed-out mother) were urgent to warn the ignorant public about!

I mean, if it wasn't for that type of one-sided, blindly ignorant reporting, where would we rebellious, violent teenagers (or older) be?????

But seriously, how does one fight (at least mentally) such statements. I appeal to the youth of the area. If we don't really make good turnouts at gigs, rallies, protests, etc. on what we believe in, to show the "rest" what it's all about, then how does one expect to seek results, or at least changes?

Ahha! I ask myself as I type, Have I hit the nail on the head? (Excuse the cliché.) This poses one major problem for us somewhat younger people. Just because some of us are not quite past our nineteenth birthdays, (I'm really unsure of how many punks, mods etc. are out there who are as young as moi [sixteen or thereabouts]. Unfortunately I don't go to a school with at least some interesting people who are naturally individualists, like maybe Glebe, Lisgar, or Nepean.) It really is so hard to get into gigs half the time! I'm NOT just speaking for myself or a bunch of friends. If there was some way organizations like Y.C.P. etc, could try to schedule gigs without age limits, believe me, there would be no (or at least not as much) lack of goers to these great gigs that this 'zine keeps mentioning. Remember the article about the guy who was let back in on the threat of some bands? Well, obviously someone must support this idea.

Last June (or thereabouts) there was a really great campaign thing in cooperation with "Sun-Day" etc. and included the Pushkins. Well, that was the first time I realized the meaning of a good time with a great band. The important issue here is that there was a super turnout (at Majors Hill Park), and it's not just because it was free. It was also very accessible, and the atmosphere was amazing! Everybody got into it, and there were as many guys as girls (punks, mods, neutral -- like I was then) up there dancin'. So my second plea besides just showing up for the gigs is a plea to the organizers. I s'pose this relates back to the Establishment. Not that we actually have a horrible problem with the law enforcement and allthatcrap but if the gig areas, where ya dance, etc., wasn't included with the bar part of the joints, then they'd only ask for I.D. right at the bar. Right? Then, simultaneously people like us could support our fave bands, money-wise and morally, you know? People who have the I.D. (or at least a damned good imitation of one, as usual,) could get pissed however they want. I know this can't be a new idea, but I honestly haven't seen it in a written format. While I don't see a lot wrong with just complaining (like in the D.K.'s song) I do not think it is healthy for the survival of a movement to screw around a lot with words and not do much. In case it sounds like that's what I'm doing, I'll sign off as this turned out to be much longer than I originally intended. I would hope that, considering this is a bloody-well big letter, as it was supposed to be a short note, that a quote or rewording if you like, will be existent in a future issue. I am a member of the public, and since that's who a 'zine is for (thank God) this is only my opinion so I hope I've not angered anyone or caused anyone to feel offended.

Sincere and Concerned,
Ophie G.

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