No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 4 | STUFF


Old News:

LAST PRAYER broke up around the time the "Blender Mix" compilation was released so the four cuts they have on that lp are the last we'll get from them. Too bad the production was so lousy, they were a good band. **** More recently: RAW SEWAGE has come back out of the woodwork with their original line-up having tried out and rejected various lead singers. Brian Bunt is once again singing and bashing it out on his guitar. **** CIVIL TERROR has a new line-up again, or rather, gone back to an old one. Terry Hindly has returned to Montreal and Russell Joyce has resumed his old position as bassist **** The RANDYPETERS finally have a new drummer: Mark Craig (ex-Republics) and will be playing the Frigidair show (Friday Octover 7th) after a two-month break (with all new material!!!) **** The HOWLIN' Cs have disbanded with bassist Joe Myke having left to join THE WISE GUYS **** UNWARRANTED TRUST has a new lineup since Mandy Levy and Corine quit. They've been replaced by Melissa Mech on bass and Linda (?) on vocals. **** Dedier Barrat, editor of "Voyeur" fanzine, has gone back to France so no more Voyeur. Great going away party though at the Jungle with a one-shot reunion of LAST PRAYER, most of the members of the ANGRY RAISINS doing old Angry raisins' songs, and a VERY drunk CIVIL TERROR (except Tim, the only one sober). Lots of fun, bye bye Dedier and Giselle **** The Jungle Club has since closed and had it's last show on September 18th. It is now a country and western bar. **** FRIGIDAIR IV is being held at the Roxy for the second year in a row. Three nights of music in support of Carleton's alternative radio station, CKCU. So help with their annual funding drive and go see:

Thursday Oct. 6th: Unwarranted Trust, the Fan Club, Insomniacs and the Randypeters

Friday, Oct 7th: Chienne 50¢, Turbine Depress (both from Quebec City), the Fan Club and The Play.

Saturday, Oct. 8th: Chienne 50¢, Turbine Depress, Porcelain Forehead and Screaming Bamboo.

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