No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 9 | missing stuff

(missing stuff)

This issue is missing the Top 10s 'cause I keep forgetting to ask people for them.

Another thing this issue almost had in it was an interview with SHAWN STERN, lead vocals and guitar for YOUTH BRIGADE. Yes, they were in town but they never played due to a rather large fuck-up on the part of the Jungles ex-manager (he cancelled the show but forgot to tell the bands so come August 9th, Youth Brigade and the FUs showed up with nowhere to play.) Fun stuff. But I got a chance to talk at length with Shawn and I'd have included some of that amazing, in-depth interview here except for one thing: the tape didn't turn out! The volume had been set too low (it was Shawn's fault, he set it!!) Sorry about that, but the bigest loss is that for two years in a row now, Youth Brigade has toured this area and Ottawa has missed them both times. Maybe next year (or next tour) we'll have better luck.

- j.f.


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