No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 22 | Agression record review


"Don't be Mistaken" l.p.

I really liked this band when I heard them on the B.Y.O. "Someone Got Their Head Kicked In" compilation and now with the release of their own l.p., I like them even more. There are fourteen songs on the record and "Intense Energy" is the only song here that was also on the B.Y.O. comp but it's a new version. Very similar though and the lead singer still spits out the lyrics at an incredible speed. But he does that for most songs which makes the lyric sheet very handy. As for the lyrics, they're great. They're mostly about socially oriented themes such as the bomb, capitalists, "brain bondage" (being manipulated by gov't and big business) but they also bring it to a more personal level. They talk about trying to keep your individuality amid all these outside influences and they talk about being a punk and just having fun doing what they like doing (they're skateboard enthusiasts) and they show a concern for what happens to the scene.

Musically, they've got quite a versatile style going from a slow heavy r&r sound to all out blistering thrash but even the slow stuff is very powerful and has hints of eerie, spy-thriller type influences (I use those terms loosely). There's the occasion H.M. lead break and lotsa thrash. But not too much thrash though and thank god they aren't another band that relies on just speed to carry them through. The musicians are more than competent and the singer sings -- and sings well -- instead of screams.

This album is recommended to anyone who likes music. (Well, not quite, but almost anyone, I wouldn't recommend it to any geriatrics but they don't read this 'zine anyway.)


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