No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 21 | Toxic Reasons - record review

Toxic Reasons

Independence lp

Power, power, power, holy smokes. One of their songs describes them perfectly: "Noise Boys". This vinyl has sounds dripping out of the grooves it's unbelievable. Eleven super rockin' beauties and one reggae (which I don't care for) sorry guys, I'm being honest. Along with the frisbee there's a real keen lyric "book" (two covers outside, pictures and lyrics inside) pretty slick huh? I think these guys explain themselves fine on the back of the album cover with one line reading "With an uncompromising approach they attack racism, war and apathy." Super, everything here. Rates 10/10.

Recommended by me, Ha ha! All this still ain't enough for me, and I'm hopin' some more Toxic Reasons tunes will slide through my greasy palms real soon.


[Read more about this amazing band at these other sites: their MySpace page, J.J. Pearson's MySpace page, their page on 'Kill From the Heart' here, and wikipedia]

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