No Cause for Concern? Issue #9 | June 1984 | Page 2 | Editorial + Credits

Editorial, What editorial?

Yeah, I haven't thought of anything to write about. I'm still trying to think of a new way to apologize for this issue's record-breaking tardyness. And I give up...

Hello and welcome to the issue which commemorates two years of "No Cause for Concern?" (well, close enough). This is also a special "Ottawa is Boring" ish. so dedicated because most of the writing has absolutely nothing to do with Ottawa. There just haven't been many local shows going on or new bands to write about. Next Issue maybe? I sure hope so! And summer's coming up which means lotsa bands'll be touring and if we're really lucky some of them might even play Ottawa.

And maybe with all this action there will be more to write about and next issue won't be so long in the making.

C'est tout. If you want to write to or for this 'zine or if your band needs info on Ottawa promoters write to:


P.S. As far as I know that address will be good 'til at least the end of the summer even though - in order of occurance - 1) the building has been scheduled for demolition 2) they raised my rent 21% and 3) there was a fire in it last Friday (it sucks, let me tell ya).

bye bye,
June 1st, 1984

This issue is brought to you by:

Dave Champion
Chael Laycock
Sean Murphy
Tim Mech
Ian Seabrook
M. Mauger
S.C. Bowie
Janine Frenken
Dean Attridge
Kathy Rogers
Garry Buckingham
J. Frenken
With Thanks to:
Bob Clark
Jennifer Grover
Liz Earle
Mike Hillis
Melanie K.
Maggie B.
Jill Heath

Everyone who gave their top 10s and Ian MacKaye, John Stabb, Boyd Farrell and Sab Grey for the interviews.

Editor: Janine Frenken

On the cover: (top right) is John Stabb of Government Issue, photo by Naomi Petersen; (bottom left) is Mike Hillis of Porcelain Forehead, photo by Janine Frenken (Clawing on)

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