Band Bio information request

In an attempt to make the bios of the local (Ottawa region) punk/hardcore/alternative bands from 1982–1984 as thorough as possible, your input would be greatly appreciated. (Although Toronto, Montreal or Quebec City bands that are in the 'zine and played in Ottawa are good too.)

The band bios have written based on the information here in the 'zine, anything people have sent me over the years and stuff I make up. That means there are be huge gaps, possible errors, who knows what...

So if you want to keep from looking like assholes 'cuz I'm going to write that everyone's now teaching ballet at St. Mary's Primary School, send the correct info, okay?

The main stuff:

Name of the band:

Lifespan of the band:

Members in all incarnations (full names, when they joined/left):

Type of music played:

First gig:

Other gigs (highlights if list is too long):

Last gig:


Claim to fame:

Band high point:

Band low point:

Any other intersting tidbits, fun stories:

Derivatives (any other bands the members played with, before and/or after this one, music projects they were involved in, etc):

Links to other websites:

Contact information (if you want people to get in touch):

Person submitting the information (so I'll know you're not making it up either, also for posting, if you want):

Where are you now (totally optional, honesty is also optional):


You can cut and paste these questions into an e-mail and send back your responses. And if you want to add anything else that will make your bio so fucking fantanstic, put it in. I'll get your bio up and running as soon as possible.

If you have any photos, mp3s or clips for a sample listen from that era (1982-1984), please send them along too.

Thanks so much,

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