April, 1982. Ottawa, Canada. Three punk/hardcore fans decide to start a fanzine. We call it No Cause for Concern?

Before the net, before P.C.s, before the local press would touch alternative music, and before the underground sold out to corporate grunge, NCFC galvanized, lauded, created a forum for and frequently pissed off Ottawa's alternative population.

Nine issues were put out between April 1982 and June 1984 which reflected the pulsating, political and intensely creative scene that throve in Ottawa and the rest of North America in the early '80s.

This site exists to share those issues with the people who missed out, but especially for those who were there: the bands, the fans, the promoters and the club owners who made it such a blast.

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To read the old issues, click "The Zine" on the nav bar at the left, then pick an issue.

Roll your mouse over the thumbnails. If an article has been transcribed, you'll be able to click it. Not all articles have been transcribed and honestly at this point if it hasn't already been transcribed, it probably won't ever be.


The original issues were black and white photocopies. Very little has been updated (so far). Any new content not part of the original zine will appear in colour. New images will be more obvious because they won't be in the original thumbnail.

The only changes have been to (hopefully) correct all our typos and spelling mistakes (man, to have had a spell check back then!) and delete any addresses and phone numbers.


The original 'zine was started by Dave Champion, David McCaig and Janine Frenken but without the help from so many punks involved in the scene back then, it would never have gotten past the first issue. Sheila Boyd, Jennifer Grover and Maggie deserve special mention for providing immeasurable help in keeping it going.

The web version also owes a TON of thanks to many people, including Julia Pine, Drew Headrick and Pam Corey, and to all the people who have contributed to the band bios. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!


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