The Interviews

NCFC managed to get a couple of good interviews with people heavily involved in the scene back in the day and will be working on updated ones...

Jo Capitalicide of Germ Attak *new*

Dave "Tufty" Clough + Vess Ruhtenberg - Zero Boys *new*

John Stabb - Government Issue's front man:

1983 interview in Issue #9

2010 interview *new*

T.S.O.L. - True Sounds of Liberty. Front man Jack Ladoga interviewed before a show.

M.D.C. - should need no introduction.

D.O.A. - them either.

Ken Lester - long-time manager of D.O.A. and a major player in the early punk scene.

Ian MacKaye - Minor Threat's legendary front man, in case you didn't already know.

Sab Grey - front man for Iron Cross.

Boyd Farrell - front man for Black Market Baby.

And here are some links to some other cool pages:

These first three could be considered the fanzines of today – full of reviews, photos, upcoming show listings, etc.... – an amazing Ottawa blog by Andrew Carver with pix and show reviews. – another amazing Ottawa blog. – a great resource for Ottawa bands, promoters and showgowers.

'Finish What You Started' Records

Two Ottawa radio station that have punk shows (live stream too!): CHUO and CKCU - currently off-line, but we can always hope it'll be back.

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