No Cause for Concern? Issue #2 | May 1982 | Page 2 | Editorial + Credits

It's the

Hello, it's us. The three who brought you last issue of No Cause for Concern. We're back with more shit about what's going on in the city. Not a hell of a lot but we've manage to come up with a few interesting responses to our first issue, some more Top 10s, reviews, etc.

So much for the intro. Now the reason for this official letter from the editors. If you, as a concerned, responsible member of this community, have anything you'd like to say, any opinion or attitude you want others to know about, any response to this magazine (be it to a specific article or the mag, in general), an interesting picture, an ad (i.e. "Wanted: bassist for hardcore band--" etc.), whatever. Just get to us and we'll use it if we can.

Just one thing though. In the last issue one of the editors promised "no editing". Well, THAT should have been edited because we can't make that kind of promise. What we can do, however, is say that any editing we want to do will be done in consultation with and subject to the approval of the writer(s).

Show some concern. Give us a call or send your stuff to:


Janine Frenken
Dave Champion
David McCaig

A special thanks to:

Sheila, Melanie, Vig, Rose. Marion for the cover picture and everyone who returned the questionnaire and/or gave us their top 10s. And one more . . . Sue Dyment.


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