No Cause for Concern? Issue #2 | May 1982 | Page 3 | Letter

a letter to the editor

Dear N.C.F.C.

I think your mag is terrific, i.e. I love hardcore so I think your mag is terrific. There is one sore point I'd like to bring up, however.

In your top 10ens page, Eric Steedman has the word "clone" printed after his name, I think that's mean and stupid. You might say, "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke," but I say, "It's really not fuckin' funny at all and never was."

I don't want to be associated with a group of people who need a scapegoat to whip and shit upon. If people do things or act in ways you don't approve, then the thing to do is to talk to them and work it out with them over a period of time because it takes time for people and other living things to grow and change.

Now Eric has been working with us steadily for the past four months -- so it seems the larger problem lies with your attitude, it's not like he's Ronny Reagan working against us by building cruise missiles and neutron bombs, for Christ's sake, he's still young! Give him a break!! Are you perfect, Dave Champion?

It seems to me that the real clones are people who act in conceited and cruel ways to others, surely this attitude is a result of being programmed by the apathetic and self indulgent culture we live in -- clones of North American society.

So what's it gonna be? Either we break free from thoughtless name calling, or we continue to be possers!

P.S. I'm not gay but L.A.'s Wasted Youth must be Fascists ("Buy it or be a fag!") NAZI PUNKS -- FUCK OFF!! & KICK THE BUCKET!

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