No Cause for Concern? Issue #2 | May 1982 | Page 6 | Teenage Head record review

Teenage Head

Some Kinda Fun

Teenage Head has finally released their third album and it's consistent with the sound and style of their other two l.p.s so if you like them, you're sure to like this one. Unfortunately it has the same problem the other have: it lacks the energy they have live. While the 'energy level' is about the same on all three albums, in no way does it compare to their live show.

Disregarding that, however, it is a very well-produced album with a clean sound. There are 11 tracks and most ore typically Teenage Head fiftyish rock such as "I Want You to Know", "Teenage Beer Drinking Party", and "Let it Show" although there is definitely one surfer song "Let's Go to Hawaii".

It's a good album technically and if you're a Teenage Head fan, you should get it. Personally, I'd rather see them live any day. (And that's exactly what I hope to be doing May 7 at Barrymore's. Remember, their live shows have never let Ottawa down yet.)




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