No Cause for Concern? Issue #2 | May 1982 | Page 8 | Flex Your Head record review

Flex Your Head

D.C. Hardcore Sampler

It's not fair that I review this seeing as I used to live there and know most of the bands and people involved so I'm letting someone else handle this one. I got the opinions of three friends.

- D.C.

[Guess what, you can still get this release from Discord Records! Click here.]

Russell Joyce on SOA:
[State of Allert] I like the intro, good drumming, excellent voice, typically american. They cover "Disease", a U.K. Subs song. They also do "Steppin' Stone" and blow away the Monkeys' and Pistols' versions. They are the American Cockney Rejects. Their singer, Henry is in Black Flag.

Russell Joyce on YOUTH BRIGADE:
These guys are anti moral-majority and have excellent lyrics. Excellent bass and guitar. I like the whole fucking thing.

Jamie LaFond on MINOR THREAT:
-frenzied music
-great vocals
-good powerful stuff

Jamie LaFond on TEEN IDLES:
-production could be better
-high energy
-extremely enjoyable
-cover of "No Fun" is better than the Stooges or the Sex Pistols

Eric Steedman on G.I. [Government Issue]
-three-chord thrash
-shows L.A. influence
-could be clearer
-obviously good musicians

Eric Steedman on the UNTOUCHABLES:
-great music
-singer is only 14
-fast, excellent lead guitar.


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