No Cause for Concern? Issue #3 | June 1982 | Page 10 | the Young Lions tape review

Tape review by Vig

The world is blessed by the existence of the YOUNG LIONS -- they are THE MOST idealistic band I know. The Young Lions constantly speak the truth and consistently practice what they preach.

For years they have shared their practice space with other great bands in Toronto like L'ETRANGER, YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH, and 20TH CENTURY REBELS. They are the only band to have provided steady committee work to Rock Against Racism, Toronto, and have played numerous benefits including the Youth for Peace conference in Monteal, the Human Rights Convention in Kingston and many R.A.R. supported concerts.

Such strong convictions produce incredibly volatile music, as evidenced by their new release on cassette. The Young Lions' power and intensity can never be denied live -- and the experience is just as jolting on tape. The cassette has nine tracks with such classics as "Rich Kid", "National Security", and "Freedom Fighter" leading the way. "Defy the State", "Made in England", "Gutter Rat Blues" continue in the tradition of The Young Lions - the uncompromising go-for-the-throat approach to life. "Royal Killers", "We Wanna Riot", and "Young Amerika" complete the tape which should be on sale soon in only the finest record stores. The music is hard, up front and moving. The listener isn't given time to unwind or stand at ease but is face to face with the reality of North American existence and its ultimate consequences.

Such incredible sounds shouldn't be passed up. So bug your favorite distributor 'til she/he begins coughing up copies of the Young Lions. And catch them at their next Ottawa appearance, hopefully in October -- if not sooner!

The Young Lions are:
Chris Genest - bass and vocals
Mike McCurdy - guitar and vocals
Phil Cochrane - guitar
Steve Kuzell - drums

[check out the review of their perfomance at the T.S.O.L. gig, this issue]

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