No Cause for Concern? Issue #4 | July 1982 | Page 4 | M.D.C. record review

(Millions of Dead Cops)

Hooray!!! My favourite album of the year (so far). This record it hot. Whoever writes these guys' lyrics deserves a Pulitzer prize. The music is simple, straightforward, AMERICAN hardcore but I detect a slight heavy metal influence in some of the guitar licks. The lyrics, though, are what what make this record a classic (in my mind anyhow). Thirteen songs that tell the truth -- for example:

"Corporate Deathburger"

The stench of humans rotting
Smells just like fish fillet
Your sign neglects to mention
50,000 died today

or "Born to Die"

I live in a world of hate
With no regret a Nazi state
A racist dream, a world of hate
With no regret a Nazi state
No war
No K.K.K.
No fascist U.S.A.

These guys hate the K.K.K., police brutality, and racists and there ain't nothing wrong with that. As they themselves put it: "The police are the Klan, are the mafia, so you better take your stand. M.D.C. stands against the police repression, brutality, the macho inferiority and ignorance that encourages people to take a job where they can legally kick ass on the poor, minorities, women, homosexuals, use the law to strip all of their dignity. Who hasn't unnecessarily suffered at the hand of the army of the rich?"

'Nuff said.

- D.C.

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