No Cause for Concern? Issue #4 | July 1982 | Page 8 | Babylonian Cowboys show review

Show review:


On June 5 The Babylonian Cowboys played at the San Antonio Rose. We arrived in time to be suckered into paying $1 to catch their last set. I would not really call them a true reggae band -- the intention is there but not musically -- their beat seemed to lean more to disco style than calypso or reggae. But for playing all original material and playing their instruments very well, credit must be given.

To sit as an observer, they have very limited motion and were actually quite boring to watch. To add to the negative points, the San Antonio Rose is not the best place to see a band. They have an awkward seating arrangement and too many badly placed columns that obstruct your view.

If you should have an urge to see them, do yourselves a favor and don't pay more than $2 because you'd be wasting money.

- Sheila Boyd

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