No Cause for Concern? Issue #4 | July 1982 | Page 9 | Bottom 10s

Well, we were getting a little tired of doing the Top 10s so we thought we'd change it a bit for this issue and get people's Bottom 10s. I'd just like to take time out here to apologize to anyone who may take offense to some of the items people have chosen to list. The original intention was to find out what bugged people and if any toes get stepped on, I'm sorry. But I refuse to edit the submissions. If you want to retaliate, feel free.

The Top 10s column will return next issue.

1. Bob Jones
2. Moral Majority (both)
3. Government
4. Vancouver cops
5. Legal systems
6. Saxophones
7. American cigarettes
9. War
10. Jock rockers

1. British hardcore
2. Spiked hair
3. Armbands with spikes
4. T.S.O.L.'s management
5. Ripoff artists
6. Lame people
7. Herpes
8. Trans-Ams
10. Cliques

Russ Taylor
1. Smelly armpits
2. Bondage pants
3. British hardcore
4. Undy glitch
5. Bruce's metal leads
6. Clorox girls
7. Intoxicated minor door managers who don't know their asshole from a hole in the ground
8. Sandals
9. Rich executives who tell you their beliefs.
10. Polluted water

Chris Genest (The Young Lions)
1. Authority
2. Asia and all super groups
3. Banker's daughters
4. Corporate radio stations
5. Government
6. Heroes
7. Loverboy
8. Perrier with lime and suntans
9. Self-indulgent guitar solos

Bruce Voss
1. Russties drum solos
2. Tim mouthing off
3. Y.C.P.
4. Dave McCaig asking for a 12 and five bucks.
5. Chron-Gen
6. Tipsy Mel
7. People not feeding my ego
8. Target 21
9. That speed freak Tim Mech
10. Bacardi white rum

Zsiggii ("Budgie")
1. Dry heaves
2. Whirlies (spins)
3. Aggro
4. Beatles
5. Moral "Majority"
6. Golf
7. Limp-ons
8. Bimbos, retards, wimps
9. Right-to-life anti-abortionists
10. Most humans

Peter Buckin
1. Dead Kennedys except "Too Drunk"
2. Attention Span
3. Hardcore - all
4. Waiting in line to get into nightclubs
5. Owner of Mic's
6. Price of beer
7. People who put down Ronald Reagan to be cool.
8. Toronto in general
9. Running out of Budweiser and money to buy it.
10. Religion - all

1. Bacon
2. Steve Gelling
3. My boots
4. Hosers and hoseheads
5. Furry dice
6. Goofs
7. Ouija boards
8. Sleeping in bus shelters in winter
9. Toe jam
10. D.C.'s hardcore

1. Cars with red license plates
2. The Rolling Stones
3. TV commercials with retarded car salesmen
4. Harlequin Romances
6. Music with organs in it
7. New romantic poseur assholes
8. People who don't pay back debts
9. Hypocrites
10. My car

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