No Cause for Concern? Issue #4 | July 1982 | Page 11 | Braineaters

The Braineaters, an established Vancouver band, is masterminded by some very talented artists: Steve and Jim ???. The Braineaters originally started as a five-man band but over the years have gone down to two. The organ they use -- and how they use it gives the music an eerie and extremely electronic sound and it has a bizarre effect. The lyrics themselves are quite strange and they seem to have developed an obsession with a 'Planet X'. The two singles I have managed to get a hold of are "Funtime" and "Planet X". "Funtime", a seven-inch 45, has "Braineater", "Funtime", "Last Date", "Rock Rock" and "Edge" on it and "Planet X", a nine-inch 33, has "Modern Man", "KId Stuff", "Closet Case", "Screw You", "London Town", "Wrong World", and "Johnny" on it.

I find their music a break from all other types of music, but to my displeasure, I must admit the songs I have heard mostly consist of one basic sound. If you have a taste for original, very different, and off-track music, this might very well intrigue you. It's too bad that their gigs are few and far between, but I do hear that they may possibly have an interest in playing here.

Roch Parisien is going to be taping them and hopefully giving it some airtime, so should the situation arise that you decide you would like to get a hold of some Braineraters material, just remember that it is no easy to come by.

- S.B.

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