No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 2 | Editorial + Thanks



Welcome to our 5th issue. First off, a thousand apologies for the last issue. The printing really was awful and I'm sure you all were disappointed but we've worked really hard this issue to try and make up for it.

Besides saying sorry for how bad last issue's printing was, we here don't really have much to say. No stirring editorial to bring you to your feet in rebellion against some new atrocity. No, nothing like that. I was reading a Toronto fanzine a while ago that commented on how Ottawans seem to show more concern about what's going on in Ottawa (that's not a quote, just the general idea) but I'd like to say: Not true, not true!!

Okay, I'm sure there are lots of "concerned" people out there but what are they actually doing? I've seen some example of people actually getting off their asses and doing something in the last few months (not to say that this is the only instance, just the only one I've heard of) and that was when a bunch of women got together and kept the city workers from spraying their neighborhood park with this herbicide by refusing to leave. Yes, I know that's nothing the average "punk" would get concerned about and I know it's a really shitty example but it's the best I could come up with (hell, the only one I could come up with) so maybe that should give you and idea of the sad state of affairs here.

Yup, we're just like the rest of the lame idiots who sit around mumbling feelings of general discontent but don't do anything about it.

Isn't this a chipper editorial? We've got some more good news for you too. As you may have noticed, it's back-to-school time and your editor here is one of the many who have chosen to further their education which means: don't expect another issue of N.C.F.C. for a while. We're not folding or anything like that, just going to take it slower now (besides, every 5-6 weeks was a bit much anyway). We'd still like you to write if you were planning on it (and even if you weren't) and you can send or bring your stuff to:



Issue 5 was put together by Dave Champion and Janine Frenken with contributions from Vig, Sue Dyment, Tim Mech, Maggie, Jennifer and everyone who gave their Top 10s.

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