No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 6 | YYY - tape review

Youth Youth Youth

Tape Review

First time I saw Youth Youth Youth was when they played at the curling club with T.S.O.L. and the Youth Lions and because I'd never head of them before I was looking forward to finding out who they were. Well, Youth Youth Youth is a Toronto hardcore band that plays with lots of energy and power and their tape seems to contain that energy. If you're familiar with Youth Youth Youth then the songs on the tape are: Side 1: Why Pay More, Pop Song, Civil Disobedience, and Apathy. Side 2: Blue Stain, Greed, T.O.I. M. and Domination and if you haven't heard them before you probably won't give a shit until you own it.

From the frantic singing to the neat bass riffs, almost anybody who likes faster music will like this, and at a cheap price of $4.98 for 9 songs I consider it a steal. So if you're even the slightest bit interested go out and buy your YYY tape. It's worth it.

- Tim

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