No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 8 | Dayglow Abortions record review

Dayglow Abortions

"Out of the Womb" review

Climb back in the womb guys and wait the full nine-month pregnancy and then give it another shot. Well, maybe I'm being too mean seeing as these boys are from Vancouver but I never said I liked Vancouver bands. Seriously though, there are some good things on this record. Songs like "Germ Attack", "I am My Own God", and "Religious Bumfucks" really stand out (musically as well as lyrically). But other songs like "Suicide" ("I killed my mother when I was ten/ I fucked my sister with vaseline") and "I Killed Mommy" ("My mommy satisfied her thirst with a bag of urine") suck shit. Their look and attitude kinda remind me of the Anti-Nowhere League. But I guess at 14 songs for $7.98 it can't be that bad. Hey, do you think the fact that I'm listening to Black Flag as I'm writing this would have anything to do with my opinion of this record? Oh yeah, extra points for having a better name than the Dead Kennedys.



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