No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 12 | Black Flag sticker comment

Someone handed me this the other day. It's a copy of the new Black Flag sticker with comments written above and below the sticker by the person who printed up the sheets. In response: NO!!

The reason: since I am familiar enough with Black Flag to have an attitude/opinion about them, I know that this message IS consistent with Black Flag's message. Black Flag hates cops. They always have and I know that. Therefore my opinion has not changed.

It seems that the person/people who printed these up with their added comments were unaware of this fact. Well, get your act together for christ's sake!

I do agree that this is a tasteless sticker and I certainly won't be putting mine up anywhere but I feel it is necessary to defend Black Flag. It's a long way from Ottawa to L.A. and this distance is marked not only in miles but in differences in our culture (sub-culture). In L.A. cops are pigs and the general consensus is that they are the enemy. Since it is not the case here in Ottawa, I can see why people would find this a sick sticker but you must realize that in L.A. (and I can't stress this enough) it is the way it is and you can't judge the sticker by Ottawa standards and you can't condemn Black Flag for having beliefs which are concerned with THEIR police department. I really doubt they intended to cut down our mounties or our wonderful city police with this sticker. It was printed in L.A. you know.

Later, NCFC received a few goodies from "One Solution" fanzine including this killer sticker:

They also sent this one:

 I immediately loved "One Solution". . .

some stuff I like and support:

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