No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 16 | Western Canada scene report

Out West

- by Jennifer

Edmonton, as far as I could tell, was a really dead city. During my visit there, I found absolutely nothing which may have been because I didn't know where to look or just that there wasn't anything there. The university sponsors anything that goes on but it's hard to find out because you can't get their station without a special hook up. The only record store I could find worth looking into was "Sound Connection" at [XXXX] and the only clubs that sounded half good were R.A.T.T. on the university campus, and Scandals at the Sheraton-Caravan Hotel.

Vancouver was a different story altogether. Out there, plenty of things are happening. For clubs, the best bet is the Smilin' Buddha on Hasting. It's a great venue for local and larger bands. Drinks are cheap, lots of dance room and looks a bit dingy. The only problem is getting in. If you don't have picture I.D. you can forget it.

The Commador on Granville is much like Barrymore's and brings in big name bands.

Love Affair, once a gay bar, is now a local underground night spot. Could be referred to as another Tobasco's and is usually called the Scuzz Affair.

Some bands I saw were:

THE BRAINEATERS -- a really good band. Their first two singles were reviewed in an earlier issue yet their style has changed much since then. Word has it that no two of their concerts have ever been the same. I think this band will really go places because of their versatility and they are definitely something to watch out for and rumour has it that they might try to hit Ottawa. Let's hope so.

Another two bands I saw were the SICK KIDS and some un-named band that were playing at the Buddha. I will never see them again. They were both terrible (yuck).

Victoria is a city many compare to Ottawa and in many ways it's true. Thanks to the help of a few people, things do happen. While out there I had a chance to catch a gig with DAYGLOW ABORTIONS, YOUTH BRIGADE and SOCIAL DISTORTION. The Dayglows put on a really good show and got a lot of audience reaction. They were a lot better than I expected. After the Dayglows' set the Victoria police paid a visit and closed the place because they found two empty beer bottles on a table and it was an all-ages gig so Social Distortion and Youth Brigade never got to play.

So the Victoria scene is doing okay and there are plans for FEAR, the DEAD KENNEDYS and many others to play there. For more information on the Victoria scene, write to "Youth Plague" which is a really great fanzine, care of:

Tim Crow

some stuff I like and support:

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