No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 3 | Letter

Letter to the editor


I just read a copy of your fanzine and thought it was great. I'm from Hamilton and friends of mine also put out a fanzine called Subversive Action. It's only in its second issue but it's pretty good. I figure you might be interested in what's been happening around Hamilton and Toronto. Subversive Action is written by a new Hamilton band called EXPRESSIONS OF ANGER. They are making a demo tape now so I hope to hear it soon. My brother is lead vocals and we both enjoy Crass bands mostly. I also like Zounds. If you haven't listened to Conflict's "House that Man Built", I recommend it if you have a chance. I also think the Mob's "No Doves Fly Here" is one of the most intelligent, moving pieces to appear in a long time. I attended the Dead Kennedy's concert in T.O. over the summer and YYY and the YOUNG LIONS also played. I agree with you totally that they are fantastic bands!!! We also had an unpleasant dealing with T.S.O.L. There was a supposed gig in Hamilton but they never showed!!! At Dead Kennedys nobody appreciated the violent slamming and N.F.s creating disruptions. Everyone was out for a good time, not to be hurt. I participated in a peace march during the summer and support "Youth for Peace" and the local disarmament groups. My brother was going for an interview with Greenpeace on Sunday but I haven't heard if he made it or not. Recently friends of mine attended the Discharge, Vice Squad, Black Flag gig in T.O. Discharge I heard was great and Vice Squad, and I quote, was "utter shit". They had numerous sound problems and apparently thought they were stars.

It was good to see that Ottawa has people interested in the anarchy, peace ideals. A refreshing change from army cadets and N.F.s. In Hamilton almost all "punks" are N.F. We are the only pacifists around. Needless to say we aren't well liked. It's a shame some people have to be destructive and follow the ideas of someone like Hitler or Mussolini. Let's face it, if they were around today, N.F. punks would be the first to go to Auschwitz. I guess some people never learn. Well, I guess that's all for now. Hope to hear from you.


Anarchy Peace Freedom

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