No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 4 | Montreal

My Latest Trip to Montreal

by Vig

Well, it was enlightening -- but a financial disaster for me. I rented a van to take 15 people to Montreal to see M.D.C. What happened was that M.D.C. got to play a set at the Wave Club in Ottawa, so six of us decided not to go, and we lost out on that much money. But the times were good, despite that.

I saw S C.U.M. for the first time. They have a "new" lead singer and are tight and danceable; aggressive but not too lightning fast. Their sound was raw but had it's edges honed down by a straight guitar style and steady -- not lavish -- drum work. They are very good and should be seen!

(S C.U.M., with DISCORDS and ALLERGIC have verbally agreed to a nine-band, Y.C.P. marathon night in Ottawa during early December. We are waiting before finalizing a venue.)

Then on came M.D.C. Enough will be said about their Ottawa performance and interview to convince you that they are lyrics in North America. M.D.C. is fast to the point of no return with great jazz-like breakaways. Hardcore to the hilt.

We all talked to them at Mike's place after it was all over. They are great people and really into positive social change.

Altogether, the whole scene (band-wise) is cool in Montreal. Not so much on a cooperative level amongst bands, but the bands are open, saying good stuff, and tight. The Le Visage crowd is still as distant and foreboding as ever (Colleen will never go to Le Visage again, it's so bad).

New news is that Mike and Stuart have found a new venue to host their acts, and the possibility of a true club circuit for our music is closer than ever to becoming a reality. They plan to have a good P.A. system, and hire a professional sound man for their events -- so no more shitty Montreal shows' sound.

Most of us crashed at Allergic's place late that night, and played frisbee next a.m. before the trip home.

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