No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 4 | Vancouver

Vancouver Scene Report

- by Sheila

At the moment Vancouver is fairly quiet. Since I've been here there's been a few things going on.

Froggies in Gastown hosted a show with the ENIGMAS and the SCISSORS for the low price of $2. The ENIGMAS, I hear, toned down their act since it was their first time playing that club, too bad. For people who like that style of music, fine, but it's not something I would go out of my way to see.

Another show that I didn't make it to was RANKIN FILE at City Space. They are a fast western band leaning more to the rockabilly style. Two of the members were former Dils and have an album coming out in the very near future.

Upon dropping in at the Buddha we saw FINAL CONFLICT and ARTICLES OF FAITH. Final Conflict, a local band, were quite enjoyable, fast and energetic. Articles of Faith, a Chicago band, consisting of Vic Bondi - vocals and guitar, Dave Shield - bass and vocals, Joe Scuderi - guitar, and Virus X on drums.

This band impressed me so much that I sobered up enough to find $3 to invest in their 4-song e.p. entitled "What we Want is Free" which included the title track plus "Everyday", "My Father's Dreams and "Bad Attitude". I highly recommend it and anyone who has the balls to fork out $3 CAN plus postage can get it by sending to Version Sound [deleted].

For further info on the band write to: XXXX

The SUBVERTS will start touring in the spring and are not playing at present since one of the members is in school.

The INSEX won't be playing for a while since Karlin was thrown in jail while touring England for nicking something.

The BRAINEATERS have incorporated two more member, Chris Crud and Ron Reyes on guitar, they will be playing a gig at the Love Affaire in the middle of December.

For $2 one could see LOS POPULAROS and disappear into the poppy new romantic era. The singer donned a flashy black and white striped shirt, and paraded around at the pace of a speeder.

His energy must have rubbed off on some of the audience as they graced the dance floor with their presence. The band has an e.p. out and I don't remember the names of the songs since I was becoming quite drunk and wasn't paying much attention.

BILLY IDOL is playing the Commodore, tickets must not be selling well as they gave the show a full page spread in the paper. The ENGLISH BEAT will be playing here soon at the high price of $12 a ticket.

Newsflash -- Rat is getting married to Pete next summer in Ottawa.

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