No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 14 | the Litton bombing

Refusing the "cruise" has become a prominent issue among those of us who want to live in a war-free world. The proposed testing of the cruise in Alberta has raised enormous controversy, and rightly so. The cruise missile brings destruction and I see no reason why Canada should take part in helping build a device which serves no purpose other than to kill and destroy.

A group called "Direct Action" obviously thinks somewhat along the same lines, but not completely. In an attempt to stop the production of the "brains" of the cruise missile, produced in Rexdale, Ontario, at the Litton plant, they left a bomb outside the plant containing 550 lbs of explosives. The bomb exploded ahead of schedule injuring seven people. Is this the way a peace group operates? What gives them the right to destroy? I don't know what Direct Action sees their act as, but I find it's very sad when a group seeking peace resorts to terrorist activities. I'm not defending the production of weaponry, but I feel that terrorism is not the way to solve our problems. Only through being united (peacefully) against the mindless production of such devices can we hope to stop the threat of war.

- Dave Hughes

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