No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 16 | Is Anarchy Bullshit?

Is Anarchy Bullshit?

4 misconceptions
by Commander Salamander

Within the past few years the word 'anarchy' has become fairly fashionable amongst groups of young people. A's with circles around them can be seen floating hither and thither. Many "punk" and "hardcore" bands use the word in their song. Ottawa was home for the Ottawa Anarchist Alliance and so on and so on.

But what does it all mean? Do all these people know what they're yapping about? And is there any hope for a concept like anarchy to gain foothold in an apathetic, consumer creating elitist-controlled nay'shun like Canaduh? When all is mouthed and misunderstood is Anarchy just Bullshit?

Commander Salamander says "NO!! Anarchy is not bullshit if you take the time to find out what it's all about!" So take the time. Read on.

Misconception #1:

Anarchy = chaos.

The word anarchy does not mean chaos. Anarchy is compounded from the Greek root words meaning "without rule". Anarchists believe that people can live and work together without laws and regulations telling them what they can't do and how they should behave.

Misconception #2:

Anarchy = violence.

Totally false. Anarchy is the belief that complete individual freedom can exist but only with a voluntary social order that cannot coerce or rule over its members. On the contrary, it is anarchists who hold the firm belief that governments (real "the State") are inherently based on violence. In its evolution, the State (Capitalist, Communist, etc. it doesn't matter) becomes an entity unto itself. It is controlled by a powerful elite who own its media and influence industries and subsidize the election of its politicians. In the process of seeking greater and greater power and wealth, the State infringes to greater and greater degrees upon the rights of the people it has achieved dominion over. Ultimately, as resistance to his control increases, the State changes tactics: from laws, by-laws, truant officers and a police force, to curfews, para-military forces, war measures acts, internment camps, and so on. Canaduh is well on its way as you are not doubt aware if you comb the newspapers and can read between the lines.

Misconception #3

You have to be a "punk rocker" to believe in Anarchy.

Now that is bullshit! If you believe that no one has the right to tell you how to live, what to wear or when you should be doing something (like going to school) when you'd rather be doing something else, then you have an anarchistic attitude!

Anarchists are individualists. People who lay trips on you for not joining a sub-cult or dressing a certain way or liking a certain kind of music are not anarchists -- they're fascists!

Misconception #4

There are no books on anarchy.

Wrong again!! Although there is virtually no information on Anarchy in school libraries (I wonder why?), you can dig up some info from the main branch and universities. Used book stores have the occasional tidbit. Anarchist theorists (and practitioners) like Proudhon and Krompkin have written material hundreds of years ago. Bookchin, Goldman and Ward are among the many recent writers being published today. It's not a shortage of material, that's for sure!

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