No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 18 | Black Flag in Montreal

in Montreal

September 12th, 1982

After a shitty, lame, boring set from VICE SQUAB and an excellent set from DISCHARGE, headliners BLACK FLAG came on. I had really wanted to see B.F. with their new drummer Chuck Biscuits (ex-D.O.A.). They did not let me down at all. Henry is still as wild as ever (if not wilder) and the beard is gone. Dez has now grown a beard since we last saw him and both Chuck Dukowski and Greg had skinheads. Well, enough on their personal appearances, on to their music!!!

A lot of the so-called "punks" in Montreal are jerks. They go to the shows to pose or to beat the shit out of other people. It was in the midst of these people that Black Flag had to play. Henry's trying to sing and some asshole is trying to waste Henry's head, and they kept stealing his microphone, jerks.

Apart from these problems, Black Flag put on a great show and Biscuits has really added to the band's power. As an encore, they did "Wasted" a song I had never heard live before. Then Henry took Dez's guitar and Dez sang an excellent version of "Louie, Louie" (Dez used to be lead singer before Henry joined the band). That made me forget the assholes and appreciate the fact that Black Flag is the best hardcore band in the world.

An unfortunate post script to this review is the fact that after this show Henry pulled some cartilage in his right knee and the rest of the tour was cancelled. Expect a new album and tour in February '83.

- D.C.

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