No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 20 | Toronto News

From Toronto

D.O.A. played here at the Edgewater to a very full audience. YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH opened for them. The gig was typical in that the usual assholes were there starting fights. Drummer from ZEROPTION found himself in the emer. ward of St. Jo's for a few stitches thanks to them. The Edgewater was the new Club Without Name, which was the Drake in another previous life. Following a fanzine benefit there (October 30) which had a special guest appearance by the boys in blue (they were not actually the biggest problem of the evening, just barely mentionable), and this old lady waitress bringing all the minors to the door and booting them out, and eventually the owner coming to the door and threatening to close the whole thing down because of the presence of the minors, bleah, bleah, bleah -- Back to D.O.A. They proved that although they hadn't done an awful lot in the last year and a half, there wasn't a crowed of people there for nothing. I won't go into comparisons and long-winded spiels, but they were very, very good.

The next night, Saturday, they played at a speak on Liberty Street and drew quite a number of people. Highlight of the evening was Kenny Lester slamming and a short set by RUDE NORTON (Dimwit, Wimpy and Nick Jones).

UK SUBS booked into Larry's for the 15th of December with YYY. Was originally two nights but that went the route of Reader's Digest.

YOUNG LIONS have been in the studio but are decidedly not pleased with the result. A re-mix is in the works. "Pray for Julie" is of more-than-acceptable quality and "Folsom Prison Blues" is top-notch.

Speaks and booze cans are becoming more and more popular now that the sidewalk outside Domino's is becoming a little chilly.

- Jill Heath

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