No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 21 | Last Prayer

LAST PRAYER finally made their official debut performance at Glebe High School on October 28th (their unofficial debut was a short jam session at a private bye-bye party for Heather at Mic's with a bunch of intoxicated people joining them on stage).

Last Prayer consists of Eliza Cochrane, 17, on drums (used to be with ATTENTION SPAN), Julia P, 18, on guitar, Colleen Howe, 18, on bass, and Melanie Kaye, 16, on vocals. They've been practicing together since August, play all-original material and their style of music varies from song to song but is all very powerful and danceable.

Now on to the show. Since this was just a high school talent show the sound was as good as could be expected -- not very. The bass was just a loud rumble but despite sound problems they had their shit together and played well and Mel's singing came across well too. They had gotten through about five songs and were halfway into the next when some jerk pulled the fire alarm and that was the end of that. Not quite the reception they deserved but it was expected considering the attitude some Glebe students have towards punks.

But even though their debut performance was ruined by the inconsiderate actions of one (?) person, Ottawa should be seeing a lot more of Last Prayer in the near future. Personally I think they're a really good band with a lot of potential so to hell with the jerk at Glebe.


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