No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 23 | D.O.A. "War on 45" record review


War on 45

Finally, some new stuff from Vancouver's finest. If you read the interview (pgs 12-14), Joey Shithead gives us his own description of the record but in case you'd like a more unbiased opinion, here goes: not bad, not bad at all. For the most part, the original material has move away from their earlier punk style and is now leaning more towards rock and roll and even heavy metal (especially for "Liar for Hire"). "I Hate You" however is decidedly like their older stuff. As far as their covers go "War" is excellent - -very powerful -- and "War in the East" is pretty good too, "Class War' is okay but that's more because I don't think much of the song itself, not the way they do it.

Overall, it's a good record and for the price (around $6) it's worth it. And Joey's right, the sound production is great.


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