No Cause for Concern? Issue #7 | March 1983 | Page 22 | Dub Rifles e.p. review

Dub Rifles

These guys from Winnipeg have been very busy. Their first e.p. (reviewed last issue) only came out about four months ago and this one is just as good although it has fewer songs on it. The production quality is once again top-notch and their style remains the same, encompassing an up-tempo jazz/funk/ska sound with the saxes weaving in and out of the background around good strong vocals. Their lyrics are interesting and very easy to understand so in total it's a good e.p. with a clean, fun sound. Good dance music. If you missed them when they played here in December, too bad, as next tour they plan on heading west. So check out their e.p. instead.

- J.F.

[For a bio of the band, click here.]

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