No Cause for Concern? Issue #7 | March 1983 | Page 23 | L'Etranger record review


Innocent Hands

This is a six-song e.p. put out by the Toronto band that played the Roxy a few weeks back. If you saw them there then you may find that their e.p. isn't quite as energetic as their live performance but isn't that always the case? On it's own though, it more than stands up for itself as a recording worth your attention. I don't know much abut the band but if their lyrics are any example of where their heads are then they're probably a group of very socially conscious people.

Musically, it's basically a folk/rock production although on cut, "Goliath", has a definite reggae style and is probably one of the more up-beat cuts along with "Taken Away" which is slightly poppy. The rest of the songs are pretty laid back and "Barricades" is so much so that you could lay all the way back and fall asleep. That's no insult to the music, it's till a beautiful song, just very mellow. Overall it's an incredibly well-produced e.p. with great harmonies and good listening if you feel like relaxing.


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