No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 7 | New York Scene Report

New York

- Jill Heath

Like a breath of fresh garbage, going to New York was like coming home. Saturday afternoon of the last steamy weekend in August found me alternating between the cool, dark (no windows) interior of CBGB's and the incredible heat of the sidewalk. YOUTH BRIGADE were playing one of their last shows before going west. This one was a matinee and gave an amazing first-hand demo of what YOUTH BRIGADE's The Circle is about, sans a lot of the violence and fighting. Shawn has still got one of the absolute best voices on the circuit. Saturday night it was off to Trenton, New Jersey to see GBH, YOUTH BRIGADE and SEEDS OF TERROR (from Philly). I'm sorry, but I didn't like SoT at ALL! So shoot me. I thought that GBH were pretty lame when they played T.O., but there they made the passing grade with me. It was also very refreshing not to hear all that homophobic garage coming out of their mouths this time around. "Everyone in Ottawa's a faggot, everyone in Montreal's a faggot, Bleah, bleah, etc., etc." Need I go on? None of that shit that came before "Slag" in T.O. either. Q: What's the words for a guy that's a slag? A: There isn't one, only girls can be sluts, right?

Sunday night this time and it finds me at Great Gildersleeves seeing IRON CROSS (what did I tell you?) and all-around fun guys the NECROS. Neither band blew me away that time. HOWEVER, the general consensus was "I've seen them both 10 times better." New instrumentalist for the NECROS as Cory is just in on the business side of things now. AGNOSTIC FRONT opened for them, and I like them one heck of a lot. Do I have to prove how much I like them? Okay, okay, I traded my YOUNG LIONS (aaaggghhh!) t-shirt for one of theirs with Lisa Smith (ex of T.O. and RIP THE SYSTEM), who hangs out between New York and S.F. Missed picture of the evening goes to Glenn (MISFITS) for his stage diving during the NECROS' set. Thanks to Glenn for being such a hospitable person and if he's sexist, then I'm Jello Biafra.

And, of course, the burning issue of the day is: What happened to the MISFITS? Well, kiddiewinks, this is the scoop. Robo flew back to California the same Saturday I was in New York, putting an end to any notions that the Fearsome Four were going to play Canada the next weekend. Answer to the second most-asked question: No, they haven't broken up. The Misfits are on the prowl for a new skinbeater. Answer to the third most-asked question: What a fucking stupid question. What was the question? C'mon, you can figure it out, you were probably going to ask it of me yourself. "What are the Misfits REALLY like? Gosh Batman, holy McCorporate Deathburger, I don't know.

That's all for now. Thanks to Janine for being so patient, I have taken FAR LONGER than I was supposed to. I apologize.

It's been a slice,
Jill Heath

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