No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 17 | The Viletones show review


September 10, 1983

Kinda disappointing in a way! It was advertised by the Jungle as the "original Viletones" so I was expecting Freddie Pompeii, Motor and Chris Hate w/Steve Leckie on stage. What I got was Mr. Leckie and three unknowns instead and all they played was heavy metal. Not bad heavy metal mind you but all they played that I knew was "Possibilities" off the first e.p.

No "Screaming Fist", no "Rebel", no nothing! The lead singer, Stephen Leckie, was/is a legend in Canadian punk. The original 'cut-yourself-up-with-broken-glass-punkass-mother-fucker"!!! Not tonight, thank god. At times he looked like he wanted to cut lose but something held him back. I wonder what?

- D.C.

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