No Cause for Concern? Issue #9 | June 1984 | Page 6 | Halifax scene report

Halifax Scene Report

When I was there I had the pleasure of seeing three bands, one being a cross between the Beatles and the Gang of 4 called the NEW REALISTS, one member being at one time the guitarist of URBAN ATTACK and he has totally dumped hardcore. The second band was MIND FUCK, a new-punk band. Most of them are Sid Vicious clones and have no respect for american hardcore. The third one I saw is a sort of melange of the Mind Fuck band plus a few other guys and all they do is Sex Pistols covers. A few I never saw were REGISTERED VOTE, who cover the Ramones and Clash and are rumoured to be writing originals in the same vein, and STAGITANZ, an electro-funk type band -- straight synth.

According to Gary of Re-Press magazine, he wants to release a compilation of the local bands. On a purely personal note, I think it's going to be an ill-fated record given the various styles of the bands. They just won't work together.

As far as clubs go, there are none, there's one dance hall you can rent (you supply the p.a.) and there is another hall, the "Pink Flamingo" that puts on a lot of the local acts. The redeeming qualities of the PInk Flaming are that it's all ages, is very cheap to rent and has it's own p.a. Talk to Gary or Kim of Re-Press if you want to play there: XXXXX

P.S. Special note to any hardcore band that cares: if you're not from around there and you go play Halifax, you'll be their token Gods. They'll love you forever.
P.P.S. There are hardcores in Halifax: Steve Smith, Vick Price, Steven Cook, Dog Bite, Steve Coffee, Chris Murphy and possibly Mark Lunne.

- Sean Murhpy

(The previous article was based on what I saw when I was there in December 1983. If this is wrong and there is some sort of scene in Halifax, please write to the fanzine with any updated information.)

[Sean, where the hell are you? Dave, Ian and I have been trying to find you.
Write !)

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