No Cause for Concern? Issue #9 | June 1984 | Page 19 | Record Reviews

Record Reviews

Dave Champion
Tim Mech
M. Mauger
Ian Seabrook
S.C. Bowie

Here are some new, not so new, and downright old record and tape reviews for ya. (Humm, it seems apologies for outdated review is almost becoming standard fare in 'zines nowadays.)

So, instead I'll go on about the outrageous prices of imports. In most cases, by the time a record hits the shelves in our local record stores, there have been so many markups (and don't forget the import duty tax) that it's no wonder people don't buy many records. $12.98 is the average cost of a record brought in from the U.S. through the regular channels while a record like the Detonators which is sent direct from the band goes for only $4.99. Quite a difference. Why am I writing this? So I can suggest to you all who are sick of seeing sky-high prices on vinyl, to check out mail-order prices. It may take longer to get it on your turntable but sometimes the wait is worth the savings. I've tried to list prices and addresses after these reviews to encourage people to use them.

some stuff I like and support:

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