No Cause for Concern? Issue #9 | June 1984 | Page 19 | Toxic Reasons record review

Toxic Reasons

- Kill by Remote Control

Finally! The long awaited follow-up album by the boys who brought us the "Independence" l.p. Well, most of the boys. Ed Pittman is no long growling for them which took quite a bit of getting used to but after repeated listens, you get used to the new sound and their method of alternating vocalists is a definite plus. Their lyrics have also improved - or "matured", I should say. Good political topics, very well written. Musically, there are some killer songs on the disc and if you want a more complete description, read the review of their show earlier in this 'zine.


[Read more about this amazing band at these other sites: their MySpace page, J.J. Pearson's MySpace page, their page on 'Kill From the Heart' here, their page on here, and wikipedia]

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