No Cause for Concern? Issue #9 | June 1984 | Page 21 | Youth Brigade - record review

Youth Brigade

- Sound and Fury

This is an absolutely fantastic record put out by a band that has a real talent for playing a wide variety of styles while making each style appropriate for the lyrical content and making them work together well on record. The band is made up of three brothers, Shawn, Mark and Adam Stern, who run the Better Youth Organization in L.A. and they're all very talented musicians. Shawn is the lead vocalist but they do quite a big of harmonizing which works very well as their voices are similar (they cover "Duke of Earl which makes an interesting cut).

One song worth giving special mention is "Sink with California", an anti-territoriality, anti-nationality song in which they talk about everywhere they're NOT from and say "I don't care if you're from north, south, east or west/Live for humanity forget the rest". A good sentiment. (Unfortunately they did tell where they ARE from.) It's five bucks US from B.Y.O. XXXXXXX


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