Paul Steele - guitar and vocals
Mike Rivoch - lead guitar
Joe Myke - bass
Barry Belshaw - drums

Type of music played


First gig

University of Ottawa

Other gigs worth mentioning

NRBQ, Bopcats, Rough Trade, Bruce Cockburn, Red Squares.

Shakin' Pyramids show at Barrymore's, January 10, 1983 [NCFC review]

Last gig

Arnold's in Ottawa


One 12-song demo, two or three live recordings, two videotaped shows at Barrymore's and Porter Hall, Carlton University

Claim to fame

Not only did the C's make a half-assed living but they had a large fanatical following in Montreal including the infamous Vietnamese Rockabillys. The C's had the same lineup beginning to end.

Band high point

Shakin Pyramids show at Porter Hall, Carlton University. This was only the C's second gig, it was a huge hit and quickly established them as the band to see.

Band low point

The band calling it quits and the guys moving on.

Extra stuff

The C's were one of the few - if not the only - non-recording bands at the time to play Club Soda in Montreal.


Steele started playing solo country gigs under the name Lucky Jim. This eventually evolved into Lucky Ron as Steele moved to England and Ron Burke took over the gig. Belshaw moved on to play with country/folk artist Patricia Reynalds (aka-Reilly). Rivoche went on to play bass in the Black Donnelly's and with Lucky Ron's Rhode Island Reds. Myke joined the Wiseguys on bass. Before the C's Myke played bass for the Original Bluegrass Bozos. He left Ottawa co-founded the Razorbacks out of Toronto.


Contact information

Where are they now

Steele lives in Orlando Florida and works for DisneyCo. in animation. (Watch the credits on the big releases and you'll see his name.) Rivoche is semi-retired in Ottawa and is known to play the odd show. Belshaw lives in Ottawa and is still a much feared man on the rugby pitch. Myke lives in Toronto occassionally playing bluegrass music.


Joe Myke

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